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Domain: utl.pt
Domain Status: Registered
Creation Date: 19/02/1993 00:00:00
Expiration Date: 31/12/2027 00:00:00
Owner Name: Universidade de Lisboa (ULISBOA)
Owner Address: Alameda da Universidade
Owner Locality: Lisboa
Owner ZipCode: 1649-004
Owner Locality ZipCode: Cidade Universitária
Owner Country Code: PT
Owner Email: [email protected],[email protected]
Admin Name: Universidade de Lisboa (ULISBOA)
Admin Address: Alameda da Universidade
Admin Locality: Lisboa
Admin ZipCode: 1649-004
Admin Locality ZipCode: Cidade Universitária
Admin Country Code: PT
Admin Email: [email protected],[email protected]
Name Server: ns1.tecnico.ulisboa.pt | IPv4: and IPv6: 2001:690:2100:1::53:1
Name Server: ns2.tecnico.ulisboa.pt | IPv4: and IPv6: 2001:690:2100:1::2
Name Server: a.ul.pt | IPv4: and IPv6: 2001:690:21c0:a::150
Name Server: b.ul.pt | IPv4: and IPv6: 2001:690:21c0:b::150
utl.pt IN DS 31071 10 1 A76FCA6B6D0AF304FE0A41D6555597C9F85F0384
utl.pt IN DS 31071 10 2 E721525A75A5E2EB178A0AA670D05283523371C68991C38E3A7776F2663E1215



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